Fantasy Footwear Pick of the Week

Fantasy Footwear  Pick 2-25-14 Xandriastyle

We have new fantasy footwear pick this week; we chose these stunning pair of Schutz Ferrudja pumps. I believe most women have a healthy shoe obsession, & I plan on indulging you every week with a new pair of shoes to gush over.


Now, back to these gorgeous pumps, award-winning designer Alexandre Birman will stun you with his cutting-edge fashion designs. All crafted in the heart of Brazil, SCHUTZ styles are exemplary of the highest quality workmanship. At first sight I’m definitely in love, & ready to commit.  Ladies, brace yourselves because once you see Alexandre’s Vimeo on the handcrafted process for his fierce footwear, you will be hooked too.


I enjoyed sharing this fantasy footwear pick with you this week.


Stylishly Yours,


We’ve Got to Have It: The Hand-Painted Handbag

The Hand Painted Handbag Xandriastyle

How To Style A Sheer Skirt

Sheer Inspiration

We will experience a new twist on sheer clothing this spring /summer, and I for one am ready to style this scandalous piece of clothing. I’m loving the sheer pencil skirt that graced Burberry runways this year, and the potential versatility of the style. The sheer skirt can be styled seductively or with modesty, heck, I’d even try to  mix a little bit of both.

To pull off this look,  I’d make sure to wear high- waisted brief undergarments (as seen above) , to avoid too much butt cheek from being visible. If you’re especially self conscious about having a literal pantyline, you can put on a pair of very sheer nylons or spanx to give you a smoother appearance around the hips & thighs.

Also, try to pair the sheer skirt with a crew neck sweater or basic tee. Want to add a little more seduction to the look? Try a slinky silk tank , that shows a bit of cleavage, and that gorgeous back of yours. I’d advise wearing the hair up for this look to expose a beautiful neck & facial profile.

I hope you’ll dare to go there. I enjoyed sharing this style obsession with you this week.

Stylishly Yours,



How Will You Express Your Love on Valentine’s Day?

Photo Courtesy of Sylvia Gunde

The season of love is upon us, Valentine’s Day is this Friday, & the holiday is celebrated in countries worldwide. A person can see signs of love everywhere they look, an ad for fresh flowers to your sweetie, new sexy lingerie for the bedroom, & even sweet, savory chocolates for that pesky sweet tooth. Although, at times, it seems that the ads are targeted toward loving couples, and a single woman can feel kind of lonely.  

I want my gorgeous readers to remember something; even if you are a single lady it doesn’t mean you can’t share in the love vibes too!

There a few ideas I’d like to share with you, to ensure you can get an increase of good vibrations on your Valentine’s Day this year.

 XandriaStyle Valentines 2014 #5

Family: I know texting is convenient & quick, but I’m sure grandma would love to hear your voice. Give her a good old telephone call, so she can share her latest retirement stories with you and remind you just how wonderful you are.

Friends: Coordinate an amazing activity like wine tasting in a local vineyard or an afternoon of retail therapy for you and your closest friends, and then why not express how their friendship has been important to you these last few months

XandriaStyle Valentines 2014 #2

Most importantly, yourself:  Treat yourself! Embody the true queen you are for a day (not that you don’t already). Take your time getting ready in the morning, and enjoy a relaxing yoga session. You could pop into your local spa and get a luxurious facial paired with a hot stone massage. Oh! Don’t forget the champagne, & a toast, to the queen that you are.

Once you share in all these experiences with your loved ones, you are sure to avoid a case of FOMO (fear of missing out) during this season of love.


XandriaStyle Valentines #7

Warm Weather & Winter Whites

XandriaStyle White Winter #2

Hey, Hi, Hello!

How is your week going so far?  I know, it’s only Tuesday but I hope it’s going well either way. It’s the middle of winter on half of this planet, & while the east coast is battling blizzards, the people of Los Angeles are enjoying clear skies and warm afternoons.

XandriaStyle White Winter #3

Hat (old) Similar here
Scarf (Nordstrom Rack) Similar here
Top (Nordstrom Rack) Similar here
Jeans (Cheap Monday) @ ASOS
Handbag (gift)

XandriaStyle White Winter #6

A stroll at nearby Hermosa Beach was the perfect idea to take in the sun, and delight in some quality “me” time.  The beach is one of my favorite places to go. I’m a California girl and I can’t resist the sand, the calm that comes from hearing the wave’s crash on to the shore, or even just the ability to step away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles’ city streets.

XandriaStyle White Winter #7XandriaStyle White Winter #8

I enjoy taking a moment to reflect, people watch, or just play in the sand like a toddler with a shovel & pale. My great warm winter afternoon in Hermosa was just what my spirit needed to recharge.

XandriaStyle White Winter #9

What’s your favorite place to relax and take a moment for yourself? How are you filling the short winter days? I can’t wait to read about it!

XandriaStyle White Winter


Let’s Celebrate!

Hi Everyone! I’m so excited Pantone has announced, Radiant Orchid as the color for 2014. I’m loving this choice because purple or orchid is my personal favorite color. Also, the color orchid (purple) can be described as creating a sense of success , pride, and even a little bit of magic (read more)! Lastly, purple is typically a color seen worn by royalty,so slip on some orchid fabrics and feel like a queen for the day.Now, in celebration of Pantone’s color of the year I’ve created this lusciously lavender look (see below), I hope you find inspiration in this set, and look gorgeous styling orchid hues your way.

What do you think of Pantone’s choice for color of the year ?

Stylishly yours,


Pantone Color of the Year 2014 Radiant Orchid

Live Odaingerously with Young Designer Odain Watson!

Hi my fellow style stalkers,

Last Friday, December 6th, I had the pleasure of attending a launch party for Odain Watson’s online clothing store, Odaingerous, styled for men & women. The event took place at the beautiful W hotel in Hollywood, California.

Odaingerous Guest List #2
Odaingerous is a clothing line designed by the multi-talented actor, singer-songwriter Odain Watson(above left). Odaingerous is inspired by the spirit of a living icon. The styles are bold, edgy, and eye catching. As Odain says, “Live Odaingerously.”, and I couldn’t agree more with this charismatic designer’s tag line. Odain hails from Albany ,New York, and from the early age of 14 he has been driven to succeed; with a hunger to live a life of creative freedom , Odain left Albany. He went on to collaborate with Lil’ Wayne on a song called, “How Far Will You Go?” that was also featured on his album The Niado Hotel. You can also spot Odain in the movies Acts of Valor & Tron: Legacy.

Odain Watson Odaingerous Online store launch 12-6-13 #7

Odain Watson Wears Odaingerous Collection Blazer

Sheila Knox Models Odaingerous

The occasion was coordinated by Joy Bullard & Ashleigh McGrew the ladies of 27Noir Events. It was a chic & sophisticated affair, with a fun and welcoming atmosphere, oh, and being held at the stunning W hotel doesn’t hurt, either. The party had something for everyone. There was a cute photo booth for guests to let loose and take silly snapshots with friends, also free hair and make-up demonstrations from the students of the Cinema Make up School, and lastly the Odaingerous clothing line was on display for guests to see and try on the designs.

Odaingerous Guest List #1

Odaingerous is expected to also come out with a skin care line sometime early next year, and I hear, the cleansers are a must –have for all skin types. Odaingerous is now available at . Check it out, and see if your bold enough to live Odaingerously.

Thank you to the ladies of 27Noir Events for a great night & the sponsors for the great goodies, and helping to make the night a success.

Sponsors for Odaingerous Online store launch 12-6-13Midori, Endless Beauty Mobile Salon, Prestige Forever Photo-booths, Ms. Scandal, Ravado, Alka Tru, Katsuya, Cinema Makeup School, Pofa Nail polish, Dr. Mandal, Mainstream Entertainment, Sweet! Hollywood, Nuvula


Stylishly Yours,
AlexandriaJohnny Valencia, Alexandria Thompson Odaingerous Online store launch 12-6-13

Dressed In Black

Dressed in Black,

In search of ,

Something new, different

XandriaStyle Dressed in Black

She has a thirst, desire,

For an idea,

XandriaStyle Dressed in Black

A new train of thought

She walks the journey,

Alone, no fear

XandriaStyle Dressed in Black

An inquisitive eye,

Looking to the future,

XandriaStyle Dressed in Black

She finds her spirit,

  Lured to opportunity,

      An open door, to walk through

          A closed door, waiting to be opened

XandriaStyle Dressed in Black

She noticed a new avenue,

A way to reinvention,

XandriaStyle Dressed in Black


Should she adhere to the doubt,

or, the optimism of her heart?

XandriaStyle Dressed in Black


The 5 Reasons We Should Be Excited for Fall

Sylvia Gunde Photography

                    Sylvia Gunde Photography

  1. Cool fall weather means more time for outside activities, like running in the park, biking at the beach, or taking scenic hikes with friends.

    Sylvia Gunde Photography

                     Sylvia Gunde Photography

  2.           The most delicious desert Pumpkin Chocolate Chips cookies are available at Ralph’s grocery stores in the bakery section (you’re welcome).

    Sylvia Gunde Photography

                  Sylvia Gunde Photography

  3.             The warmth of fall hues like burnt orange, orange-reds, and chocolaty browns, and apple reds in every landscape or decorating our hallways 

    Sylvia Gunde Photography

              Sylvia Gunde Photography

  4.        Chunky knit layers of scarves, sweaters, and socks to keep that  comfort of home and lying in a cozy bed with a person all day

    Sylvia Gunde Photography

                Sylvia Gunde Photography

  5. Back to school time isn’t just for high school students, in September local community colleges are usually offering creative classes in jewelry making, painting, and even web design
    Sylvia Gunde Photography

                  Sylvia Gunde Photography

         What do you love the most about fall?

    Sylvia Gunde Photography

                     Sylvia Gunde Photography